Major building projects

Optimise your energy efficiency

Large buildings generally generate a significant amount of surplus heat in summer. With Enopsol’s ATES solution, this surplus heat can be stored in groundwater reservoirs and used for heating during cold periods. In summer, buildings can be cooled using a similar cold storage system.

This solution gives you energy savings of up to 60% on heating and 90% on cooling.

Short ROI and good financing options

The system has an ROI of 4-10 years and can be partially or fully implemented and financed in stages. The cost of an ATES system is up to 90% lower than traditional solutions.

Meet the 2020 and 2035 legislative requirements and create a greener image

As part of the 2020 plan, Denmark’s CO2 emissions must be reduced by 30% before 2020, while fossil fuels are to be completely phased out by 2035. Renewable energy and seasonal thermal storage are essential for achieving these targets.

The stricter requirements can be met with an ATES system, which ensures that you:

  • Comply with the 2020 and 2035 targets
  • Reduce your own and Denmark’s CO2 emissions
  • Create a greener image that underpins your CSR profile

ATES systems is obvious for server room cooling. Read more

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CPH Airport installs one of the world’s largest groundwater systems, achieving annual energy savings of DKK 7m.

Rambøll saves 85% on cooling with year-round renewable energy consumption.

Stricter requirements for buildings

The stricter requirements for existing and new buildings include:

  • Requirement for energy labelling
  • Requirement for energy audits of ventilation systems
  • Requirement that new buildings must comply with the newest legislation on energy performance

Find out more about the energy performance of buildings.

Maintenance and operation

An ATES system requires minimal maintenance and ensures efficient and stable operations. Read more

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