Optimise energy efficiency

With an ATES solution, you can achieve significant energy savings, as surplus heat generated during the summer months can be used to heat the buildings during the winter months.

Save money and reduce CO2 emissions

An ATES system reduces your energy consumption, ensuring savings of up 60% on heating and 90% on cooling. This system also complies with the stricter requirements for use of renewable energy and reduction of CO2 emissions in public buildings.

Investing in an ATES system can help to:

  • Boost energy efficiency and reduce your primary energy consumption
  • Become CO2 neutral and meet the 2020 targets
  • Improve the working environment for your employees
  • Create a greener image
  • Achieve an aesthetic solution that requires very little space

Are you using ozone-depleting refrigerants (R22)?

If so, then an ATES system is a good alternative. Since January 2014, it has been illegal to use ozone-depleting refrigerants for cooling. This means you need to find a new, more ozone-friendly alternative. Enopsol’s ATES system uses nature’s own subsurface resources, ensuring you a state-of-the-art and environmentally sound solution.

ATES systems is obvious for server room cooling. Read more

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Healthclinic in Horsens converted to sustainable energy with effecient groundwaterplant

Enopsol - Turnkey contractor

Enopsol has more than 30 years’ experience of designing, planning and installing ATES systems.

We can help you with:

  • Information on financing options
  • Licences
  • Making decisions about full or partial implementation in stages
  • Preliminary studies, test wells and calculations
  • Well placement
  • System wells and safe installations
  • Operational supervision

Maintenance and operations

An ATES system requires minimal maintenance and ensures efficient and stable operations.

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