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Enopsol has designed, planned and installed approx. 30 groundwater cooling and heating systems in Denmark since the 1990s.

Our highly skilled and experienced team is ready to help you comply with the newest legislation on energy production and utilisation so you can achieve the 2020 and 2035 targets.

At Enopsol, we never compromise on the quality of our wells and equipment.

To this end, we work closely with select subcontractors to give you the best and most reliable system. Your needs are our primary concern, ensuring you the most cost-effective and sustainable energy solution possible.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

Stig Niemi Sørensen

CEO, MSc Engineering, PhD


  • Cooling systems and heat pumps
  • Hydraulic and hydrothermal analyses of ATES systems
  • Systems tuning and optimisation of energy supply systems and ATES thermodynamics
  • CHP technology
  • Special advisor to the Danish Nature Agency in connection with drafting of the new national ATES legislation
  • International experience of design, planning and installation of ATES systems

Sten Hesselholt

Contracts Manager and Chief Engineer


  • Engineering
  • System design and installation
  • Optimisation of cooling water systems
  • Cooling/heating systems and pump systems
  • Outdoor air cooling

Torben Gørtz

Senior Engineer


  • CHP technology
  • Development of control systems
  • Automation
  • Plant supervision
  • PLC programming

Phone: +45 38 40 03 31

Mail: sn@enopsol.dk

Phone: +45 38 40 03 32

Mail: sh@enopsol.dk

Phone: +45 38 40 03 33

Mail: tg@enopsol.dk

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