Operational reliability

Quality pumps

Enopsol’s ATES system is more reliable and has less risk of failure and downtime compared to conventional mechanical cooling systems. This is because the only mechanical elements in the ATES system are the groundwater pumps.

To minimise downtime, we use the same highly reliable Grundfos pumps that most waterworks use for pumping up groundwater for drinking water.

Furthermore, the system is designed as a pressurized, closed piping network to protect the groundwater from air-entrance and deposits of iron and manganese (ochre). This is done by special vacuum valves designed by Enopsol in combination with an automation system developed by Enopsol based on many years of experience. 


Enopsol also provides system surveillance services to ensure optimum operating conditions. We offer a specially designed surveillance system that quickly registers system fluctuations, enabling the planning of system maintenance and minimising potential impacts on operations.

Minimal maintenance

The system requires minimal maintenance and produces the same cooling effect regardless of season. The capacity therefore remains constant all year round.

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Grundfos pumps of highest quality is used to achive high operational reliability.

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